Exhibition & Fair

2019.12  Seoul Illustration Fair Vol.08 @COEX LINK

2020.01  the International Exhibition 'Cityscape 2020' @CICA Museum LINK

                 Mini Poster Exhibition 'Pixpills 2019 Annual Artbook' @Yeohee Grandpark

2020.04  Pop-up Market 'Sunday Pharmacy Vol.2' @KOTE LINK


2020.01  Launching the 1st Digital iPad Drawing Class @CLASS101 LINK

2020.10  One-day Class @HYUNDAI Department KINTEX Store

2020.11  Launching the 2nd Digital iPad Drawing Class @CLASS101 LINK


2020.01  Book Illustration for Choi Yoo Soo <Sighting of Love> @Humming Bird Books LINK

2020.03  Web Illustration @Writing House Books LINK

2020.04  Package Illustration for Fragrance Diffuser Brand 'Monthly Birth Flower JIEUM' @Aspasia, LIVING&YOU, Inc. LINK

                 Web Illustration for Celebrating 'Save the Earth' @Round A'Round LINK

2020.05  Web Illustration for Celebrating 'Save the Sea' @Round A'Round LINK

2020.07  Calligraphy 'REEF SAFE' @Round A'Round LINK

2020.08  Calligraphy 'THE POWER OF CLEAN' @Round A'Round LINK

                  Product Illustration @Round A'Round LINK

2020.10  Web Illustration for Celebrating 'World Animal Day' @Round A'Round


Graduated from Sungkyunkwan Univ.

·Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design & French Literature 

·Full scholarship from the Chojun Foundation 

·Exchange Program @ École de Management Léonard de Vinci, Paris, France

Worked at major building material company (2016-2019)

·Design Plan (CI/BI), Marketing Dept.

+ Art Psychotherapy 1st Class, KAP

+ Ukulele Education 1st Class, KUEA


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